Summer Enrichment Camps
Ages K-5

Summer Enrichment Camps are week long classes where our Certified Teacher meets with learners for 1.5 house each day.

NKSS has designed activities that incorporate reading, math, and science to keep your learner(s) engaged during the summer months.

Research conducted by NWEA indicates that students lose approximately 20% of their school year gains in reading and math during the summer months.  Activities that are fun yet educational will help assist in preventing/lessening the loss.

Two of the three sessions are still available:

Let's Plant (SOLD OUT)


Passport to Learn (July 19th - 23rd)

130pm - 3pm (each day)


Out of This World (August 9th - 13th)

130pm - 3pm (each day)



Location: Quinton Community Center












Passport to Learn and Out of this World are two opportunities for your child to have fun experiences while ensuring they are receiving quality educational opportunities from a licensed teacher.