Actions to Take and Points to Consider​

  • Check in with your child each morning for signs of illness. If your child has a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher, they should not go to school or meet for our learning session. 

  • Make sure your child does not have a sore throat or other signs of illness, like a cough, diarrhea, severe headache, vomiting, or body aches prior to our meeting. 

  • If your child has had close contact to a COVID-19 case, they should not go to school or plan to participate in our learning session. Follow guidance on what to do when someone has known exposure.

  • If you or your child has had contact with a COVID-19 case (either symptomatic or asymptomatic), please notify New Kent Support Services. For our safety and that of our clients, we will pause your learning sessions while you quarantine, and if necessary notify others who may have been in contact through their contact with us. We will be transparent regarding exposure while also protecting the privacy of our clients.

  • We have a touchless thermometer that we will use once learning sessions begin--you will be checked and visa versa. 

  • If you have any other concerns regarding health and safety practices, please reach out to us. We will work together to ensure everyone’s safety.

CoVid-19 Policy